Student: an individual who is currently enrolled full-time or part-time, or was enrolled at the institution within the previous 12 months (when the underlying facts and circumstances of the complaint first occurred), and who has not been expelled or dismissed. An enrolled student is one who has officially matriculated into the College of Charleston.

Parents, relatives, employers, agents and others acting for or on behalf of a student are not students for the purposes of this procedure.

Individuals taking non-credit courses at the College have not matriculated into the College of Charleston and are not considered enrolled students.

Student Complaint (written): is one that the student or former student submits in writing (via electronic form or paper) in which he/she describes the problem or concern involving the College or its employees and clearly identifies a request for relief or redress after the student has been denied an action or service that the student believes is merited.

The definition of “written student complaint” DOES NOT include:

  • the allegation or processing of student disciplinary charges,
  • routine requests for review of a financial aid package or a determination of satisfactory academic progress for purposes of financial aid eligibility,
  • routine requests for review of educational records, petitions or appeals of academic, disciplinary or administrative decisions that already have a defined appeal process,
  • routine work order requests (please use the AiM Application and the Work Order Request Portal).

College Employee: is an administrator, faculty, staff, or student worker at the College of Charleston, against whom a complaint may be lodged.

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